Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt has walked with and for the Lord Jesus Christ for some 38 years. He was born on September 20, 1941 to Edward and Mary Youngbrandt in Chicago (Evergreen Park), Illinois and raised a Roman Catholic. He served in the U.S. Army in West Germany, receiving an honorable discharge in 1962.

On March 3, 1971, he conceived Christ and so began his journey walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. He was converted to the Lutheran Church on Jesus' leading in 1974. He was called into prophetic/intercessory ministry in October 1974. In 1982, he was called by Jesus into full-time ministry and has lived by faith ever since.

In January 1982, Jesus gave him the name, JOHNEL. So, he came to be called Chuck-JOHNEL.

Chuck-JOHNEL has often been asked the question, "Who are you in the Lord?" His reply is this: "I am His Apostle/Prophet sent into this word to lay foundation stones for Jesus' Return. One key aspect of this work was to initiate the Seal of the Living God (see Ezekiel 9:4 and Revelation 7:3)."

He also notes, "Another key aspect of this work has been my ongoing commission from Jesus to worn the Church in America about coming judgments and to call for prayer for repentance and prayer (for mercy) that these judgments be mitigated.
Pictured above are Chuck-JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt

He notes further, "I (and those joined in prayer with me) are also commission in Christ to wage Strategic Spiritual Warfare against demonic powers and principalities--in brief, to wage ware against the hordes of hell."

Chuck-JOHNEL currently resides with his Godly wife, Nancy-TONI in eastern Washington State. Together they lead The Staff and The Sword Ministry and the Net of Prayer.

For more information about The Staff and The Sword Ministry and the Net of Prayer please visit the Ministry's website.
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